Usage Instructions

Creating a Context

ConceptCloud creates tag clouds by extracting information directly from an SVN/GIT repository.
1: Enter the URL of the repository you would like to analyse
2: If this is a private repository enter the user credentials. Otherwise leave these fields blank to anonymously access a public repository.
3: If you would like to restrict the commits analysed to those that have only occured since the last commit of a developer then enter the developer's username. Otherwise leave this field blank.
4: Indicate whether this is a Git or SVN repository. ConceptCloud will not be able to access the repositroy if this information is incorrect.
5: Select the type of context you would like to create. The default context type is the revision-based context.

Tag Cloud Viewer Customisations

After successfully creating a context you will be redirected to the tag cloud viewer. There are various customisations that can be performed on the tag cloud viewer
1: Collapse the viewer menu (buttons 2-12)
2: Add an additional category to the tag cloud. Categories are only available on this menu if they are not currently displayed in the tag cloud.
3: Remove a category from the tag cloud. Categories are only displayed on this menu if they are currently displayed in the tag cloud.
4: Restrict the viewer to showing only one category.
5: Zoom in to make all tags in the viewer larger
6: Zoom out to make all tags in the viewer smaller
7: Limit the number of tags shown to the largest 100, 200 or 500.
8: Show only tags that occur more than the specified amount of times.
9: Drag this viewer
10: Minimise this viewer
11: Create an image of the current tag cloud
12: Close this viewer
13: Resize this viewer
Hover over tag: to see the count (number of occurences of this tag) and category of the tag.

Selecting Tags

Tags in the cloud can be clicked to be selected. If a selected tag is clicked it will be deselected.
1: Selected tags will appear in red in the updated tag cloud
2: The number of remaining in the cloud is indicated here. This is the number of objects that have the selected tag as attribute.
3: The minimum and maximum font sizes used for the tags can be changed here.
4: A list of selected tags is shown here. Tags can also be de-selected by selecting these links.


To create an authors by year view
1: Right click on the desired year tag and select "Open Viewer wth this Tag Selection"
2: Use button 4 and restrict the cloud to showing only authors
3: Repeat this process for other desirec years
4: Rearrang the viewers by using the drag button (button 9)